Recapping Fort Mill Care Center 2009 Year

The Fort Mill Care Center had a demanding year in 2009. Below is a recap of their year…

Fort Mill Care Center — 2009

  • Easter Baskets— 75;were given out School Back Packs — 271 filled back packs given out
  • Toothbrushes — 335 families were given toothbrushes & tooth paste.
  • Santa’s Helper 654 children were given gifts from “Santa” plus 120 children that were handled thru Kelly Lavallee
  • Breakfast with Santa (at US Foods) fed 69 families (175 children)
  • Thanksgivings Dinner were given out to 261 families
  • Christmas Dinners were given out to 207 families
  • Winter Coats — were collected (& 700 were cleaned by the Cleaners) plus some additional coats that were dropped off at the Center.
  • A total of 5,432 families came through the doors of the Center.
  • A total 3,906 families were served food during the year.
  • $193,256 was paid out for utilities for clients of the Center
  • $41,808 was paid out for prescriptions for clients ofthe Center
  • $3,930 was paid for misc items for clients (such as dental)
  • Fema money was used for rents in the amount of almost $29,000.

Overall administrative expenses totaled $5,682 for an average of 2% overhead expenses….?? ?(phone, copy machine, insurances, office supplies, audit expenses, etc.)

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