Fort Mill Continues To Show Support for Burn Victim Connor McKemey


Support for the McKemey family and Connor continues to grow in the Tega Cay and Fort Mill community. And in some cases beyond our fair township borders. Many local citizens talk about Connor daily. For some the daily news or updates on his condition is a daily priority.

Let me back up a bit and if you haven?t heard of the tragic McKemey storey here is a brief recap. Just before Christmas, Connor McKemey, 13, suffered second and third degree burns over 85 percent of his body and is currently in critical condition at the Joseph M. Still urn Center in Augusta, Georgia. Connor has undergone several surgeries and faces many more. Connor?s mother Karin suffered serious burns while trying to help Connor after an explosion in their outdoor fireplace.

The interesting thing about this story is the overwhelming support from friends and the community. In fact support has surfaced beyond the borders of Fort Mill. Last week the Gold Hill Middle school girls and boys basketball teams (Connor?s school) played a game at Dutchman Creek Middle school in Rock Hill. Both our basketball teams were surprised and touched by the Dutchman?s Creek?s presentation of a check for the Mckemey medical fund. The students at this Rock Hill school raised over $1100.

connorshirt_smallThere are several fund raisers and blood drives planned for the ?Crusade for Connor? In fact there is a ?Crusader for Connor? t-shirt that can be purchased from Thunder Athletics or at Gold Hill Middle school or Fort Mill HS. Proceeds will be donated to the McKemey Medical Fund.

Info on the McKemey Medical Fund
Make donations by check and payable to the ?McKemey Medical Fund? and mail to the following address:
Sodoma Law, P.C.
1336 Harding Place
Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: (704) 442-0000
You can also donate at any Bank of America branch.

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