Fort Mill School Board Offers Superintentdent Job To Chuck Epps

?I had no qualms. This is a man who’s literally spent his entire career preparing to be superintendent of Fort Mill schools.? said Fort Mill School Board member Micheal Johnson to Hearld Reporter Shawn Cetrone.

Fort Mill schools Superintendent Keith Callicutt announced in November that he would retire from?the Fort??Mill school system. On Thursday December 17, 2009 the Fort Mill School Board offered the job to Chuck Epps, an associate superintendent who has worked in the Fort Mill School District for 27 years.?

The Board made a decision not to hire a firm to recruit candidates for the open superintendent position which could take as much as six months. The board wanted to select?someone with knowledge and experience and Chuck Epps fits the bill.? See more information and?quotes?about this story at the Hearld and reporter Shawn Cetrone.

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