Fort Mill Summer Camp Looking For Volunteers

empowering kids today camp

Empowering Youth Christ Central Summer Camp in? Fort Mill, SC is June 6?July 29, 2011 at Steele Street Park. The cost is FREE!!! The park is at 600 Steele St. Park, Steele St., Fort Mill, SC.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00am-Noon, Ages ? For ALL children ages 8-12 years

EYTSC is a camp designed to not only provide a safe and fun place for children to go during the summer, it also is designed to provide children with socialization skills, basic knowledge on how to handle certain life issues, and how to work together as a group and within the community.

The camp will begin June 6th and finish up on July 29th. We will be open Monday through Thursday, 4 days a week this year but the summer meals program will continue to operate 5 days a week. Last year we served over hundred children and we hope to serve more this year.

In order to accomplish this goal we need your assistance. Some of the obstacles faced in previous years were funding and the lack of volunteers. If there are any groups or organizations who would like to get involve with the camp please let us know. All monetary donations and voluntary support is greatly appreciated and is needed.

Be a Camp Sponsor or Volunteer!

For more information please visit OR Call Johnnie Murdock at 803-235-1756 or Brown Simpson at 803-547-2116.

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