Spring Art Reception – Mary Zio, Rebecca Ethier, and Student Artists!

Drop-in to the Gallery and Studios at LOOM Coworking to enjoy and celebrate the works of professional abstract artists Mary Zio and Rebecca Ethier, as well as the Strawberry inspired art of Fort Mill k-12 students who entered in the Strawberry Festival Student Art Contest! Enjoy community, refreshments, and stunning art at LOOM!

About Mary Zio: “I would describe myself as an abstract expressionist. Working in an non-objective style, I use color, form, and movement as my subject matter. I enjoy inviting the viewer to engage with my artwork by means of their initial reactions and feelings, to draw their own ideas of the artwork’s interpretation. For me, the meaning of an abstract work of art changes with each viewer, since each viewer brings their own unique perspective. I employ the principles of Josef Albers, in that the perception of color is an illusion, that colors will change according to their relationships with other colors. In my artwork, I play with altering the appearance and hues of colors by their arrangement in composition and juxtaposition with similar and complementary colors, while keeping movement a key element in my artwork.” https://www.maryzio.com/

About Rebecca Ethier: “Seven Years Mirrored Art comes from where I started as a freelance artist shortly after high school. I didn’t have access to fancy tools or nice paint, so me and my friends would go around town and find local scraps to make art with. I was particularly drawn to broken, abandoned mirrors, so I began to make broken mirror art with mosaic mirror shards caulked together. Eventually, I began to marry that type of art with my love for abstract knife work and printing. One of my earliest series incorporated human body prints on canvas, stretched on oak wood, then shards of mosaic mirror were used to create reflective patterns on top of the paintings. After all of these years and life experiences, it has all led me to now: A more elevated and refined point of view, with a purposeful edge all at the same time.” https://www.sevenyearsmirroredart.com/art

About the Student Strawberry Festival Art Contest: “The SC Strawberry Festival, in partnership with LOOM Coworking Community, Gallery & Event Space, is showcasing the amazing artistic talents of the youth in our community. We invite area public, private, and home-schooled elementary, middle school, and high school students to submit their artwork to the contest, illustrating
“Love Where You Live… during Strawberry Season”.
Entries for K-12 competition being accepted 9am-4pm, April 12th through 16th.
Student work also available for viewing April 26-30, from 9am- 4pm.
www.loomcoworking.com 04/28/2021 5:00 pm at 120 Academy St., Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715


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