Joyce A. Vukela-Mayer – Gallery@LOOM Spring Exhibit

Abstract works from Joyce A. Vukela-Mayer are now on exhibit at the Gallery@LOOM.
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As a modern-day alchemist, I am passionate about experimenting with steel, paint, and acids, to evoke chemical reactions which transform steel into a new creation. I call the abstract art that I create “reactive paintings on steel”. As opposed to capturing beauty in nature by attempting to replicate it, this technique allows me to capture beauty through nature.
While my artwork is not an obvious expression of my spiritual beliefs, it is inspired by nature but created through nature’s oxidative process, which also originates from God. The first step in creating either my non-representational or representational abstract paintings is forming steel into a canvas shape. This is followed by the application of paints and acids in multiple layers over time to allow chemical reactions and material interactions to form abstract patterns and beautiful color combinations. Ongoing experiments include coaxing differing outcomes and allowing for the development of a synergistic relationship that produces a result greater than the sum of the effects of the individual inputs.
My hope is that others will be blessed through my art.
If you are interested in seeing the work, please call 803-548-5666 to set up an appointment Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm or visit during one of our public open houses! 04/10/2023 09:00 am 120 Academy Street Fort Mill South Carolina 29715

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